Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Oh Goodness...

me and nikki (she's practically part of the family)

it snowed here in GA...ALOT!!!

haha silly Tyler

Jon and Leisha.....they're always like this

mams and deedaw!!!

Wow...It had been so long since our last post. We are sorry...well I am. I always forget to post. Especially since Christmas. We had a wonderful Christmas. We always enjoy sharing our time with our loved ones and to celebrate the birth of our Savior. Well since the new year not that much has happened. Just another year. Leisha and Jon both got accepted to accepted to Southern Polytechnic University. It is in Marietta, Georgia, only about an hour and half (if that) away from us in Cartersville. (: We are all excited to have them closer to home; it will certainly save them money since they come to see us about every 2 weeks. Aaron just finished a season with a recreational basketball team. Even though they didnt have a winning season he enjoyed playing on the team. He will be entering high school this next August. Time just flies by so quickly. I remember when he was in elementary school! He is very excited about this new change. Beth, (me!) got accepted to Brigham Young University-Idaho. And yes, I have very excited!!!! I am ready to start that new phase in my life. So as soon as I can I will be heading out there and starting a new journey in life. (: Also, a couple of months ago I was called to be a Relief Society teacher! I know CRAZY! I do enjoy that calling, I have learned so much! Dave, dad, is still the first counselor in the bishopric and enjoying every minute of it. Renee, mom, is still working for Focus Counseling taking foster kids to and fro. We are all doing very well, just enjoying life.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Thanksgiving in Idaho

Last month we (as in the family including Mom, Dad, Leisha, me, and Aaron) traveled to Utah and Idaho. We stopped in Salt Lake because my uncle (Dad's brother), Peter Jensen, got sealed and married in the Salt Lake City Temple. We stayed in Salt Lake for just a day before we traveled up to Idaho to visit Cara, Tad and the family. We spent the day strolling around the city and taking a tour of the Conference Center. It was absolutely beautiful! We are so glad we could make that happen. Later that night we attended the wedding reception which was on the 9th floor of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. That was a wonderful experience; we got to meet up with our extended family which was really nice. We stayed with Dad's sister, Polly and her family. We enjoyed that and their hospitality. The next morning we headed out to Idaho. We did drive through a blizzard which was new for a lot of us in the car. By the time we reached Cara and Tad's apartment there was probably about 4-5 inches of snow. Now...we are from Texas, and Georgia...neither of those places have snowy winters, or snow at all. So this was a big change for us. We enjoyed spending time with Cara, Tad, Afton and the new addition, Baby Reesa. We love them so much. We didnt actually stay with them, Tad's Aunt and Uncle were so kind in letting us stay at their house which was a few blocks away. It was very convenient and we are so grateful for them. Thanksgiving was so much fun. Baby Reesa got to be there in time. We really enjoyed our time up there. We left Idaho on the 27th and stopped in Oklahoma to visit Mom's mom. We stayed there for a day and then traveled back to boring old Georgia. We finally got home at around midnight on the 29th. We are grateful for the time we could spend with our family. We were able to see so many temples on the way up. We were so grateful for that. Sledding at the BYU-Idaho campus!
Everyone after we got out of the Eisenhower Tunnel!

We stopped in St. Louis on the way up to see the arch and get lunch.

OH YA!!! Beth hit her perfectly!

The family in front of Joseph Smith at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.

Me and Aaron in front of the Conference Center

The Salt Lake City Temple from the garden on top of the Conference Center!

On the top of the Conference Center

This was the morning before Cara was going to get induced.

Baby Reesa!!!!

Mommy's home!!!!

The Rexburg, Idaho Temple
Over all we enjoyed this trip and are so grateful that we were able to make it.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

I Cant Keep Up!

I know, I know I've been slacking. I just forget about the blog and no one else does it except me. So hear are some wedding pictures from a few months ago:

This is everyone that went down to Florida for the wedding. lately we havent really been up to much. Just enjoyng the weather, its been beautiful lately. All the trees are changing colors and they are so pretty!!!
Recently Jon and Leisha have come up from Valdosta...actually they do it alot. We enjoy spending our time with them.
Other than that we arent doing anything too exciting. We will be going to Idaho as soon as Cara has Reesa and will be staying there for a few days. We are all so excited to see her and her family again.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Our Long Awaited Update

Well...after a few months I decided I should probably update the blog again. It seems to slip my mind quite often.
We all had a wonderful at Leisha's wedding and at the beach. The wedding went perfectly and we're glad to have Jon a part of our family now. Our beach house was very nice. We had plenty of room for everyone and more since we weren't really downstairs much. The beach was just a walk away and it was very convenient for us. We had Kyrie, Fabian and Katherine Zender come and visit us regularly and play in the ocean with us. We all had a wonderfuly time. Now Leisha and Jon are living in Valdosta and plan to attend Valdosta State this coming semester.
After we got back from vacation we had the reception which also went very nicely. It turned out beautifully. Also...Dave's sister, Lori, invited us to come and see her son, Bendigo, graduate from basic training in the Army in Kentucky. So Renee, Dave and I (Beth) all attended a wonderful ceremony for him. I think we all respect the troops a little bit more. He graduated as a Calvary Scout and is now in Colorado for additional training.
Our temple has been closed for rennovation for 18 months we are sad to say. So needless to say we have to travel a few hours to the temple either in Tennessee or Alabama. With this in mind a couple of our friends invited us to attend their marriage sealing at the Tennessee temple. So we drove about 3 hours and had a wonderful time celebrating another marriage for time and all eternity. What a wonderful blessing it is to have that available to us. We are so grateful for this gospel of Jesus Christ.
So all in all we've had a pretty eventful few months. It was all so wonderful and we're grateful for the time we had to share with family and friends.
I will post some pictures very soon. Until next time......

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Wedding Plans

It seems like almost every conversation we have these days is about the wedding! We spend most of the off time we have planning the reception and planning for the time we'll be spending in Florida. Of course we dont really hear Aaron stop talking about how many more days it will be until Cara and Afton will be here. We are all so excited for that! We've done so much planning already. We decided that we are driving to Orlando and staying in a hotel for the first night which is the 9th and then after the wedding on the 10th we will be staying in a beach house that we have rented out until the 17th. Leisha and Jon will come back and meet us in the beach house after their honeymoon. I think everyone is just counting down the days until we get to go. Although Leisha will be missed. It just seems so crazy that she's getting married. I've already thought about what it might be like when she's in Valdosta going to school and I dont know if I really like it. We dont really have any pictures right now but hopefully we will soon. We will keep planning of course and keep everyone updated as much as we can. So all is well with the Jensen family.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Engagement Pictures!!!

Well here are the long awaited engagement pictures for Leisha and Jon. We are so excited that they're getting married...especially in Florida!

AHHHHH....dont they look so good! We give credit to Dave Jensen for these pictures!!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Long time no hear!!

Well I must admit that I have been slacking on the blog. I don't have any pictures right now but hopefully will get some soon. Some news of the family is that Jon Quick finally proposed to Leisha!! YES everyone!! Leisha is ENGAGED!!! They set a date for June the Orlando, Florida Temple. We are all very excited because this also means that we can go to the beach after the wedding!!!! YAY! I think we all need time away to the beach. :)

We celebrated Dave's birthday on the 31st of January. That was a fun experience, we are all grateful for what he does.

Beth's 18th birthday is coming up on the 29th of this month. She will be 18! Time just flies by so fast!!

So for right now this is our news...hopefully we will update soon. :)