Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Oh Goodness...

me and nikki (she's practically part of the family)

it snowed here in GA...ALOT!!!

haha silly Tyler

Jon and Leisha.....they're always like this

mams and deedaw!!!

Wow...It had been so long since our last post. We are sorry...well I am. I always forget to post. Especially since Christmas. We had a wonderful Christmas. We always enjoy sharing our time with our loved ones and to celebrate the birth of our Savior. Well since the new year not that much has happened. Just another year. Leisha and Jon both got accepted to accepted to Southern Polytechnic University. It is in Marietta, Georgia, only about an hour and half (if that) away from us in Cartersville. (: We are all excited to have them closer to home; it will certainly save them money since they come to see us about every 2 weeks. Aaron just finished a season with a recreational basketball team. Even though they didnt have a winning season he enjoyed playing on the team. He will be entering high school this next August. Time just flies by so quickly. I remember when he was in elementary school! He is very excited about this new change. Beth, (me!) got accepted to Brigham Young University-Idaho. And yes, I have very excited!!!! I am ready to start that new phase in my life. So as soon as I can I will be heading out there and starting a new journey in life. (: Also, a couple of months ago I was called to be a Relief Society teacher! I know CRAZY! I do enjoy that calling, I have learned so much! Dave, dad, is still the first counselor in the bishopric and enjoying every minute of it. Renee, mom, is still working for Focus Counseling taking foster kids to and fro. We are all doing very well, just enjoying life.

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